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astraia software gmbh

About us

At astraia everything from the software development to sales and customer support is done at our headquarters in Munich, Germany.

In 1999 the driving force behind the founding of astraia software gmbh was a group of doctors and medical experts who, together with a handful of software developers, saw the need for and then initiated the development of a database that would cover all aspects of obstetrics and gynaecology at the highest medical standard and still be flexible enough to be adapted to the customer's individual needs.

This obstetric and gynaecological database was to offer a unified and standardized medical terminology, be up-to-date on all the latest scientific research and data and be applicable in as many languages as possible.

Today, astraia has been translated into over 20 languages and has been installed in over 1000 doctor's offices, small clinics, large hospitals, midwife practices, laboratories and research centres.

At astraia, business is done with integrity. The company is very aware of the fact that the products it develops are of high significance to doctors and female patients all over the world and it distinguishes itself by having a very high standard of ethical conduct.

Not only is it able to compete as a thriving and continuously growing business but it is very aware of its social responsibilities, never losing sight of the fact that its products can potentially help save lives of both mothers and unborn babies all over the world and can have a profound impact on a woman's pregnancy.

Our Values

We have a mindset for medical advances and play an active role in documentation of research in fetal medicine.

We are open, honest, and respectful of the varying needs of doctors and medical practitioners who we serve worldwide.

We value working with others and work cooperatively as a team, with our customers and partners, and with the fetal medicine community.

We are passionate about learning to grow, expand our horizons, and innovate.

We are driven to make a difference in the medical communities we serve.